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How the best renovation company in Rome operates

How the best renovation company in Rome operates

Renovations aim to improve style, comfortability, efficiency, trend, and increase the home value. Consequently, renovations should be functional, for example, investing in neutral colors and fixtures that will add value to a home. And so choosing the best renovation company to do the work for you is non-negotiable. Primehouse offers the best services in terms of complete renovations. The company has operated in Itay for 30 years, and the tailored services meet the clients’ needs and preferences. You can read more about them on their site here: Ristrutturazioni Roma. But we’ll still want to present some of their most valued services.


Complete renovations

Turnkey renovations, this is the complete remodeling service. The company takes up the responsibility of delivering the house ready for occupation. And so, it means that the place is fully operational and fitted with furniture. Primehouse offers classical renovation as well. Classical remodeling is favorable for busy individuals. Also, it saves costs because you entrust the whole process to one company.


Electrical fittings

Electrical installation is crucial in a house. They not only complement aesthetic purposes but are also essential for safety purposes. The turnkey package incorporates the creation of electrical designs and construction. The company’s first step is to create a wiring diagram, then the creation of the electrical systems and testing. They ensure that the materials used are quality and that the construction system adheres to the law.

In the end, electric fittings are complex, don’t believe us? Here’s a video showcasing the electrical wiring diagram of just one house. It involves A LOT of work.


Hydraulic systems

Effective hydraulic systems ensure balanced dissemination of water and gas. The company ensures that the materials used are effective and cheap, like heat-melting plastics. The whole system is built in the right size to accommodate the apartment.



Paintings serve various purposes. They can expound on a style and personality. Secondly, they can help keep insects and other damages away. But most importantly, good paint can maintain a house in good condition. The company offers a simple and washable painting. The technique used is glazing and sponging. The method introduces a different texture presenting a contrast on the wall. A distinction is important as it facilitates the design and the overall cohesion. It increases visual interest, as well.


Throughout the process, the company incorporates a team of professionals. This is why we always ensure we are working in cohesion with the proper authorities. The first step is reporting to the municipality of the area we intend to commence the building activity. Depending on the work’s nature, we may resort to these two building practices; the Certified Commencement Notice (CILA), where minimal remodeling or conservative involvement. The Certified Start of Activity Report (SCIA); In this case, when we need to make alterations to the structure of the building. SCIA is dispensed to the municipality.


Turnkey services involve taking care of every detail involved in renovating a home to ensure we customize it to be the dream house you deserve. The building services in place also give us the mandate to legally conduct the services, which makes us the best renovation company in Rome.